The Death of Broadcast

28 03 2009

Here’s a nice little article from Time magazine using the end of ER as a bookend for the transition from network to digital convergence, and the ways that technological and industrial changes impact the possibilities of programming. Of course, he doesn’t account for how these transformations are making the business model of television less sustainable in the long run, but nobody has a real answer for that.

Should TV browse the web?

16 02 2009

This article outlines the debates within the consumer electronic industry over whether televisions should be full-fledged web browsers, or just stocked with widgets. In two years, I’m sure this article will look dated (from one side or the other).


17 01 2009

From the New York Times, Boxee is a new system for watching TV via the internet – unlike Hulu, Joost and others, it is not growing out of the existing TV industry but instead from the open source software world. Will it get shut down by industry? Stay tuned…