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Jason Mittell (Middlebury College), “Television & American Culture” course

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14 04 2010
Paul Traudt

Prof. Mittell:

Greetings. I’m considering adopting your text for fall 2010. I have an exam copy courtesy of local Oxford rep. I’ve used Butler’s “Reading Television” for the past few years, but all vid-crit texts become dated over time. I have a few questions. I enjoyed reading your sample syllabus, as it overlaps some with the ways I try to structure this course. How many students are typically enrolled in the course you teach? Second, when will your sample videos be available, and can you tell me what kinds of clips will be available? Finally, do you ever anticipate generating sample exam questions? Like you, I do a lot of things online, even in traditional courses, including reading quizzes, etc. Good luck with the text. pjt

26 11 2011

Hi Jason. I’ve been using your book for a few years in our upper-division writing courses here at CU Boulder titled (appropriately enough), “TV and American Culture.” I’ve also been using your pitch project in the class, with some minor modifications, and it’s been fantastic. Students really enjoy it. Anyway, here is the newly-built website for the course, which has links to previous blogs and assignment and whatnot. I thought you might be interested.

*And, yes, that’s me with Hosea Rosenberg in that tiny little avatar picture.

4 02 2014
Laurie Konikow

Using this as a textbook but confused as to why there is no Glossary to assist students as a teaching tool. It would be beneficial to include one in upcoming editions or have an online (possibly interactive) glossary available through your website.

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