The Death of Broadcast

28 03 2009

Here’s a nice little article from Time magazine using the end of ER as a bookend for the transition from network to digital convergence, and the ways that technological and industrial changes impact the possibilities of programming. Of course, he doesn’t account for how these transformations are making the business model of television less sustainable in the long run, but nobody has a real answer for that.

Network TV in the downturn

28 02 2009

Here‘s a good rundown of the state of the TV industry in early-2009 – and it’s not a pretty picture.

Fair Use and this book

16 02 2009

This is a cross-post from my main blog, Just TV. It speaks to the power of media industries, especially in terms of copyright and restrictions on fair use.

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The online TV archive

26 01 2009

Instead of cable reruns, channels like Discovery are putting their archives online in short sensational clips. But what of programs that don’t feature sharks and other sensationalist footage?