The online TV archive

26 01 2009

Instead of cable reruns, channels like Discovery are putting their archives online in short sensational clips. But what of programs that don’t feature sharks and other sensationalist footage?

Advertising reacts to the economic downturn

26 01 2009

A sure sign of a weak economy is the rise of infomercials and direct-sale ads – now even in primetime network TV!

Fox News adjusts to Obama era

19 01 2009

This article discusses how the Obama presidency might impact Fox News, moving from the leadership to opposition position. What it doesn’t consider much is how MSNBC might take over Fox’s previous role.

Recent News

17 01 2009

This page features recent news items related to television and American culture. Choose the category to find items tied to specific chapters in the book, or follow the tags to see what’s new about specific facets of television. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of television!


17 01 2009

From the New York Times, Boxee is a new system for watching TV via the internet – unlike Hulu, Joost and others, it is not growing out of the existing TV industry but instead from the open source software world. Will it get shut down by industry? Stay tuned…

Coming soon…

17 01 2009

This site will be the resource center for Television & American Culture by Jason Mittell. Pre-order on Amazon, or visit the publisher’s site, Oxford University Press, to consider adopting for your summer or fall courses.

Much more coming soon…